Reasons to Install a Central Vacuum in Your Home

By November 30, 2017Tips

Regular vacuuming of our homes prevents dust and dirt from piling up which can lead to damage to property and our overall health. While portable vacuums are a staple in some households, a central vacuum system can be a beneficial way to reduce allergens in the home and give allergy and asthma sufferers relief.


While a central vacuum requires some installation, once it’s in place homeowners find cleaning to be much easier. The vacuum requires installing various inlets on walls throughout a house. Behind these inlets, a series of tubes are placed and lead to a large canister where the vacuum motor is located. The canister is stored in the basement or garage. Without lugging around a huge vacuum machine, a homeowner can use different vacuum accessories like a power brush and hose connected to an inlet — and start cleaning.

Here are a few reasons why installing a Central Vacuum may be a good option for you:

  1. Less noise. The central vacuum’s canister and motor are kept in either the garage or the basement. The noise is isolated from other areas of the home, so vacuuming no longer disturbs sleeping babies/napping spouses/the movie you’re watching.
  2. Convenience. Instead of carrying a machine up and down stairs and to various rooms for cleaning, we only need vacuuming accessories and a hose to attach to the inlet.
  3. Cleaner air. Indoor air can be far more polluted than what we breathe outside. Central vacuums pull all suctioning action towards the canister, preventing dust and allergens from circulating.
  4. Time-saving. Installing a central vacuum in the house saves time and energy. As dirt and dust are sucked into the inlet, then gathered into the canister, we can easily continue cleaning without bumping machines into the furniture.
  5. Increases property value. Installing a central vacuum system adds value to a home, so you may get an added return on your investment in cleaner air and convenience.

Vacuflo offers benefits of central vacuums and more for residential and commercial buildings. We also provide installment services to guarantee the system is set properly. To learn more about products and services call (403) 243-6886 (Calgary) and (416) 445-6886 (Toronto), or contact us from either of these locations by filling out this form.

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