Installations & Services

Your authorized VACUFLO Dealer makes installation hassle free! VACUFLO dealers are trained by our experienced staff to provide quality, professional installation in new construction or existing structures. They follow ASTM standards to make sure the system is installed correctly, the first time. Central vacuum systems can be installed in both new construction as well as existing homes.

Three Easy Steps to Installation:

  1. Power Units – The power unit can usually be installed in a basement, garage, or utility room. It is best to choose a location near an exterior wall to minimize the length of the exhaust run.
  2. Inlet Valve Locations – Inlet valves are usually placed on interior walls, in hallways, near doorways or close to the bottom of stairways. Potential furniture placement should be considered when determining valve locations. The objective is to use as few inlet valves as possible while providing whole house coverage. Inlet valves can be situated between studs, clear of obstructions like plumbing, wiring, heating ducts, etc. They are typically positioned level with the height of electrical receptacles. In new home installations, the system is installed after HVAC, electric and plumbing, but before drywall.
  3. In-wall Tubing and Low Voltage Wiring – Tubing and low voltage wiring are run in tandem to each valve location, expediting installation time. Both are installed beginning with the inlet valve farthest from the unit.



For your convenience, our fleet of professional service specialists are ready to help you with all of your in-home service-related needs.

In shop

Call your local VACUFLO dealer if you would prefer to take your vacuum equipment in for repair, instead of having a VACUFLO technician provide mobile service. Call your local dealer for hours of operation, Ontario (416) 445-6886 , Calgary (403) 243-6886.