Dust Mop Tool or Refill


Dust and vacuum hard surface floors at the same time! Removable, washable mop head for easy cleaning. Captures and removes dust from hard to reach places. Great for tiles and hardwood floors.

Dust Mop Tool | $39.00
Dust Mop Tool Refill | $19.00
Dust Mop Tool Microfiber Refill | $19.00

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Product Description

Item#: 1238 | Dust Mop Tool | $39.00
Item#: 1238R | Dust Mop Tool Refill | $19.00
Item#: 1238M | Dust Mop Tool Microfiber Refill | $23.00

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Dust Mop Tool, Dust Mop Tool Refill, Dust Mop Tool Microfiber Refill


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