Vacuum Bags for Toronto Homes and Business Spaces

Vacuflo provides bags for most makes and models of central vacuums.  For office spaces, apartments, or homes where venting exhaust from dirt and dust particles is undesirable or not possible, our Maxum Replaceable Filter Bag units are an ideal option. To complement the Maxum units, we also supply replacement CleanShield vacuum bags throughout Toronto.

CleanShield Vacuum Bags

CleanShield vacuum bags perfect the powerful cleaning prowess of our Vacuflo Maxum units and have the following features:

  • Better than a Steel Trap – Made of three layers of electrostatic material, these vacuum bags trap particles as small as .3 microns (the size of certain bacteria and large viruses). When using the CleanShield bags, you can be sure that larger particles (e.g. dust mites, pollen, cement dust) will no longer circulate throughout your home or office space after they’ve been vacuumed.
  • Easy Handling – The outside of the bag is guaranteed free from dirt, which makes handling and replacing bags easier, particularly for those who are prone to allergic reactions or have breathing difficulties.
  • Sizeable Capacity – Able to hold six gallons of vacuumed particles, these vacuum bags are durable. Though each bag needs to be replaced regularly, it’s only necessary every three to four months.

In Stock

We have several replacement filter bags (in packages of 3) available depending on your vacuum model/unit. Here are the vacuum bag types we stock, and the central vacuums they fit.

  • Vroom Condo/RV Max (Item #5420)
    • Vroom Solo Condovac
    • RV Max
    • Dirt Devil CV950
  • Maxum 5 & Maxum 7 (Item #5469)
    • Maxum 5
    • Maxum 7
  • Maxum (Item #5470)
    • Maxum Condovac

Clean air is a precious commodity for both home and office environments. Guaranteed to keep 100% of dirt and debris from re-circulating around each area, these vacuum bags will help you create a truly healthy home or office environment.

Need to restock? Vacuflo Central Vacuum Systems supplies a variety of vacuum bags in Toronto. Call us with inquiries or for a free consultation.