How Vacuum Filtration Differs from Gravity Filtration

By November 20, 2017Tips

vacpanVacuuming our homes doesn’t guarantee the machine will remove every dust particle or allergen from our carpets,
floors, and upholstery. Often, fine particles escape into the air while we’re cleaning. Filters in a machine’s system can (somewhat) prevent this. Vacuum filtration and gravity filtration are used to separate particles from certain types of matter. However, gravity filtration (which is used in regular vacuums) does not prevent dust and allergens from escaping. Vacuum filtration does.

Here are a few key differences between the two:

  1. Vacuum Filtration filters through a machine. This filtration technique uses vacuums to pump air through a filter where particles are separated. Gravity filtration relies solely on gravity to separate materials.

  2. Vacuum Filtration is faster. This filtration process is generally faster than gravity filtration, which saves time for the user.

  3. Vacuum Filtration is versatile. Vacuum machines offer different options for the speed and pressure range of the suction.

  4. Vacuum Filtration prevents backflow of particles. Vacuum filtration uses energy to push dirt particles into one direction through several filters towards a canister. Particles are kept sealed. Gravity filtration collects dust towards a bag through a single filter which is not enough to prevent dust particles from floating back into household air.

Vacuflo’s state-of-the-art technology and design for central vacuum systems reduces the risk of dust particles from circulating back into the house, providing cleaner air for residents. We offer a variety of filtration methods in our products, which are designed to be long-lasting and easy/safe to use. To learn more, visit our showrooms in Calgary and Ontario or call us at (403) 243-6886 or (416) 445-6886. Request a free consultation by using this form.

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