Central Vacuum Systems’ Features and Benefits

By December 10, 2017Tips

Most of us are conscientious about the cleanliness of our home. However, some homeowners cannot stand the task of vacuuming floors and carpets. Vacuum cleaners are often noisy, difficult to clean, and inconvenient to carry. This makes a central vacuum system an ideal solution for household cleaning challenges.

What is a Central Vacuum System?

Basic-cleaning-kit1A central vacuum system is increasingly popular among homeowners. It is a type of built-in vacuum cleaner appliance: Pipes are installed within interior walls as a semi-permanent fixture and connected to a large vacuum system located in the basement or garage. Suction ports are added to the walls for easy hose attachment, allowing you to move around the house without hauling a heavy vacuum machine. This modern system is designed to be more convenient and efficient than the traditional portable vacuum.


Unlike a regular vacuum cleaner which needs replacement every few years, a central vacuum cleaner merely needs basic maintenance to keep it functioning properly. It also comes with great features like:

  • Larger trash capacity
  • No power cords or extension cords
  • Powerful vacuum motor
  • No filter troubles
  • Durable and corrosion-resistant canister material
  • Increased suction power


Whether you own a residential home or condominium building, installing a central vacuum system has some great benefits:

  • Versatile – Unlike a typical portable vacuum, a central vacuum is accessible throughout the residence because of its extensive selection of accessories. With long hoses and a variety of tools, that can be placed throughout the house, cleaning becomes easier than ever.
  • Greater Cubic Feet per Minute – Cubic feet per minute (cfm) is used to measure the airflow of a vacuum system. The central vacuum system has an airflow up to 185 cfm while a portable vacuum cleaner has only 60 to 90 cfm.
  • Deep Cleaning – The motor used in a central vacuum can be up to three times more powerful than that of regular vacuums. Since the motor is stored in the garage or basement, it stays much cooler and lasts longer, providing a stronger suction power for deep cleaning.

Having a central vacuum system installed in your home is a smart investment. It adds value to your property and provides cleaner indoor air for everyone who resides there.

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