Hose Management

Whole-House Cleaning Convenience

Never deal with bulky central vacuum hoses again! With Hide-A-Hose, vacuum cleaning power is always close at hand when you need it.

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Reach for the Clean

Spot is the ultimate central vacuum accessory. Imagine cleaning up everyday messes without a bulky vacuum hose or other cleaning supplies. Spot delivers the power of a central vacuum when and where you need it.

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Zero to Clean in 3 Seconds™

This breakthrough quick-clean accessory can be stored inside cabinets, pantries, closets, shop benches and more. Vroom is ready and able to clean up daily messes when you need it.

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A central vacuum unit does an excellent job of keeping a home or residence tidy and providing safe, breathable air for homeowners and residents. This process is improved when a high quality, retractable vacuum hose is paired with the system. A good hose can handle the tremendous power and convenience of a central vacuuming unit used to remove accumulated dirt and dust. Vacuum hoses in Toronto from Cyclonicvacs make for effortless cleaning.

Retractable vacuum hoses in Toronto , can be found in our showroom. They’re  stored in the walls of your home or property and conveniently connected to the central vacuum system’s inlets/tubing when you need to clean. Pull the length of hose you need to reach from an inlet to the corners/draperies of each room in the house. A 50-ft. hose can cover 1,800-2,200 square feet. When your job is done, the central vacuuming unit retracts the hose into the wall, negating the need for storage.

A central vacuum is one that can help eliminate indoor pollution. Asthma sufferers and those with allergies can notice the difference when air is cleaned by this system. Green building programs use this system to keep indoor air free from allergens. The advantages of central vacuums are recognized by the U.S. National Institutes of Health.

A vacuum hose can create a healthier and cleaner home and certain accessories and upgrades can increase the efficiency of your central vacuuming unit. To have the most reliable and dependable cleaning performance, the hide a hose system not only offers the convenience of no hoses to carry, but also provides maximum cleaning and dust removal. A wide variety of kits and accessories are available to improve the look of home furnishings and floors.

The benefits of using a central vacuum unit with the right vacuum hose for Toronto homes are visible and a fantastic way to maintain the cleanliness of your home or property, Cyclonivacs has the machinery and supplies you need. Our specialists can visit your home for an estimate; call us in Toronto at (416) 445-6886 and get your own central vacuum and hose in no time!