Central Vacuum Installation: How Long Does It Take?

By November 13, 2017Tips

When the time to replace your old vacuum cleaner comes, a central vacuum cleaner might be an option you haven’t considered. While it requires a garage or basement to house the main unit, a central vacuum system comes with some amazing features and benefits that make cleaning less stressful.


Installation Time

Some people may be under the impression that the central vacuum system installation is a daunting and complex process. It does not require tearing down walls or major renovation; it only requires holes to be made that are concealed with inlet backing plates. Pipes are passed through the basement, garage, or crawlspace so that they are not visible within the home.

Installation time depends on the size and design of your home, but can be completed in one day by two professional service specialists.

Installation Process

Installing a central vacuum system in your home is not as expensive as you might think. Unlike the typical portable vacuum cleaner that is (seemingly) built to break down every few years, the central vacuum lasts longer with proper care and maintenance.

If the central vacuum is part of a home construction, the pipes and backing plates are the last things placed into the framing. For existing homes, the installation process is easiest in single story houses with a decent-sized basement, garage, or attic. Whether the house is existing or under construction, the installation process is the same: attach the power unit, connect the PVC tubing and branch to each inlet that’s been created, then run a low voltage wire along the tubing to each inlet.

Why Hire a Specialist?

Although do-it-yourself installation of a central vacuum system may be an ambitious project for a “DIYer,” nothing beats the quality workmanship of a professional service specialist. Installation requires skills and the right tools; doing it improperly can affect the effectiveness of the vacuum. A carefully-planned layout achieves proper airflow and reduces the length of pipe line.

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