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Due mostly to today's more efficiently built homes, indoor air can be more polluted than outdoor air. VACUFLO® central vacuums improve indoor air quality by removing 100% of all vacuumed dirt, dust and allergens from the living area. No recirculation of particles back into the air you breathe means relief for allergy and asthma sufferers.


Replace all your other vacuum products with one versatile system. With conveniently placed inlet valves, whether standard inlets or retractable hose inlets, the power of your VACUFLO central vacuum is at your fingertips! The vacuumed dust, dirt and debris are removed through a network of tubing within your walls to the remotely located power unit. It's that simple!


With up to five times more power than portable vacuums, VACUFLO central vacuums pick up even the deep-down embedded dirt, dust and debris that a portable vacuum would leave behind. The powerful motor keeps VACUFLO central vacuums operating at top efficiency for a reliable performance every time you vacuum.

Pairing a VACUFLO Central Vacuum with the Chameleon® Retractable Hose System Creates a Powerhouse Duo of Home Cleaning Convenience!

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