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Edge Electric Powerhead 
Edge Electric Powerhead
The Edge Electric Powerhead is designed for maximum power and consistent performace for deep, thorough cleaning. Edge Electric Powerhead features a 5-position height foot pedal to easily adjust to a wide variety of floor surfaces, overload protection of the motor and a 13.25" wide cleaning path for quick and efficient cleaning.
Includes cord management wand.
Item #1115

Sweep N Groom Electric Powerhead
Sweep n Groom
The Sweep N Groom Electric Powerhead is designed for residential use and features an automatic height adjustment for a variety of carpet heights and a belt-view window that allows you to ensure your belt is performing efficiently without any extra maintenance required.
Includes button-lock wand.
Item #1101

TurboCat Zoom Air-Driven Powerhead 
TurboCat Zoom

Faster, quieter and more powerful for when carpets need aggressive cleaning action. Lightweight and operates using the airflow of your central vacuum, saving on your electric bill. Only with the cyclonic seperation of VACUFLO® Power Units, can an air-driven powerhead outperform an electric.

Item #1206

TurboCat Air-Driven Powerhead 

With no electrical connection required, the TurboCat air-driven powerhead operates by harnessing the suction of your VACUFLO central vacuum to thoroughly clean the carpets throughout your home. The TurboCat features a low-profile design allowing you to easily clean under larger pieces of furniture without needing to move them!

Item #1202

Puppy Air-Driven Powerhead
Puppy Powerhead

The Puppy Powerhead is air-driven, harnessing the power of your central vacuum to operate and features an 11" cleaning path. 

Item #1105

RugRat Hand-Held Air-Driven Powerbrush

The RugRat hand-held, air-driven powerbrush is a lightweight option that allows you to easily clean stairways, furniture, auto upholstery, boats, RV's and other small spaces! With the turbine being driven by the suction of your central vacuum, the RugRat ensures a powerful clean for tight spaces. 

Item #1201

Styles & Prices May Vary