Are Cyclonic Vacuums Better Than Regular Ones

In the course of your search for the ideal cleaning solution, you may have encountered words like “cyclone technology,” “cyclonic separation,” or “swirling tornado effect” and wondered about their meaning. Do cyclonic vacuum cleaners really perform better than regular ones? Before you commit to purchasing one, you may want to know the differences between a cyclonic vacuum cleaner and its run-of-the-mill counterparts.

Regular vacuum cleaners generally depend on bags or internal canisters to collect the debris the vacuum has sucked up. The more dust and lint gathered, the more the vacuum loses suction, preventing the cleaner from doing its job. Cyclonic vacuum cleaners, on the other hand, pull the debris elsewhere to be collected. You don’t have to worry about loss of suction while cleaning. Additionally, because of the cyclonic effect, dust collects at the bottom of the bin, minimizing the dirt that reaches the filters and maintaining the airflow necessary for powerful suction.

Although cyclonic vacuums have removed the need for a bag, those who prefer bagged vacuums (for whatever reason) can opt for a cyclonic model with a bag.

The cyclonic effect also helps filters remain relatively dust-free for a long time, reducing the amount of time and effort needed to clean and/or replace them. Regular vacuum cleaners, however, need frequent and regular cleaning and maintenance to sustain performance.

Cyclonic action efficiently separates dirt from the air, collecting debris while letting clean air escape. Cyclonic vacuum cleaners are also equipped with HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters. These were devised to protect those vulnerable to allergens and who have respiratory issues. The filters capture the tiniest dust particles and trap them so they are not circulated back into the room.

For additional efficiency, cyclonic vacuums also have the advantage of convenience; they can be built into the walls of your home. This removes the need for lugging around cumbersome machines and hoses — they be pulled out and retracted into outlets installed conveniently in each room.

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