Central Vacuum Systems- What to Know

Whether you’re doing it by hand or with a vacuum cleaner, cleaning the dust from a house is not often a pleasant experience. Vacuum cleaners can be difficult to manage, take up space, and are noisy — especially if you have a sleeping child in the house. Central vacuum systems eliminate all these issues.


1. Canister Motor
The canister or motor is installed in a part of the house that’s out of the way (like the basement or garage). This powerful piece of equipment is connected to pipes leading to areas in the home that need cleaning. It traps the dust and debris by cyclonic filtration into the bottom of the machine. The air is then vented out of the house through an exhaust pipe while trapping pollutants at the bottom of the canister.

2. Pipes and Inlets
Pipes connecting the canister and the vacuum hose are built into the walls. They do not take up unnecessary room and can be accessed through outlets installed in not-so-noticeable areas. Inlets are placed strategically around the house so that every area is accessible.

3. Hose
There are two types of hose systems:
Detachable hoses can be carried around the house, plugged into the inlets, and easily stored. Retractable hoses are available with Vacuflo’s unique Hide-a-Hose System. A hose is installed inside each inlet so you no longer need to carry one around. You only need to pull it out when needed. The vacuum’s suction retracts it into the wall when you’re done.

4. Bags
For those who live in buildings or areas that make it undesirable to vent the air outside, bag units are available. These bags are made of sturdy, multi-layered, electrostatic material that will keep particles and allergens trapped.

5. Accessories
The central vacuum system has a wide array of accessories you can select, depending on your cleaning needs. In addition to hoses and bags, you can select from a variety of nozzles, brushes, wands, an assortment of specialty tools for pets — and tools such as our spider fighter extendable wand set that can reach high cathedral ceilings to vacuum skylights, removing spider webs and dust.


– Improved Indoor Air Quality – This is the main takeaway of a central vacuum system. Because you do not need to carry the canister around with you, the particles sucked up by the vacuum are directed into a hidden part of the house. This eliminates the possibility of dust and allergens being recirculated in your home.

– Health – People who are hypersensitive to dust or prone to allergies are spared from breathing allergens when they use the machine.

– Quiet – The machine is not in the room; the roar of the motor is contained in that out-of-the-way part of the house. You can talk on the phone, watch a movie, and listen to music while cleaning.
Make cleaning easier for you and your family with the advantages of a central vacuum system. Toronto residents can get installation and supplies from Vacuflo by giving us a call at (416) 445-6886.