Why Chameleon Makes Cleaning a Breeze

With today’s busy work schedules, the last thing we want to think about is vacuuming when we get home. Lugging around a large vacuum cleaner and all its attachments can be exhausting. Also, the bulky unit and its accessories often take up valuable storage space that could be used for hanging suits, dresses, and long coats.

Often, we bang our vacuums into furniture, leaving nicks and scratches. While trying to negotiate through doorways, we bump into the frame. And, there’s plenty of noise involved. Wouldn’t it be more pleasurable to chat on the phone or watch TV while vacuuming? A central vacuum system can make housecleaning convenient and less cumbersome.

A built-in central vacuum can employ the Chameleon cleaning system as well, providing a hassle-free cleaning experience, free from tangled hoses and attachments. It also means never having to drag around a heavy vacuum cleaner ever again.

What is Chameleon?

A retractable hose system, Chameleon is stored inside your wall, kept out of sight until needed. The vacuuming unit itself is kept in an isolated area (like the basement) and can be turned on and off via an RF (remote frequency handle) or switch.

Hoses are accessible through designated outlets installed in strategic parts of your residence. When you’re ready to clean, pull out the hose and start vacuuming. When you’re done, the machine’s suction pulls it back into the wall through the outlet.

What are the Benefits of a Retractable Hose?

No cumbersome hoses. When needed, hoses are easily accessed from one of the many outlets installed throughout the home. It’s ideally convenient, with no bulk and no mess.

More space. Having a vacuum system built internally frees up storage space, giving you extra room in closets.

Greater accessibility. Multiple outlets can be installed around your home; when you need to do some cleaning, you need only approach the nearest outlet to access the hose for vacuuming both floors and hard-to-reach ceiling corners.

Peace and quiet. Because the machine is stored in an out-of-the-way area, you can clean in relative silence. Use the time to listen to music, watch a movie, carry on a conversation, or allow your child(ren) to sleep.

Make cleaning a breeze with a central vacuum system. Enjoy the advantages of no visible hoses and extra storage space and call for a free estimate.

With Chameleon, cleaning can be an enjoyable experience. Invest in convenience and install a built-in vacuum system. If you seek central vacuum system installation in Toronto, call Vacuflo at (416) 445-6886; or (403) 243-6886 if you’re in Calgary.